New Bill Package to Regulate Commercial Guiding

Nearly 20 years ago, MUCC members recognized the need for regulations and oversight of the (at the time) budding commercial guiding industry in Michigan through our policy resolution process. On September 21, we were pleased to support a package of legislative bills, Senate Bills 1070-1072, that would for the first time provide a consistent regulatory framework and commercial guiding permit for Michigan. We appreciate the efforts of Senator Dale Zorn and his staff to recognize the need for this legislation and work with us on a well-thought out package. This bill package is still a work in progress and hunters, anglers, trappers, and people working as guides should reach out to Senator Zorn's office or Amy Trotter at MUCC with ideas to improve the proposed legislation. Continue reading

Volunteers Build Brush Piles in the Petobego State Game Area

This past weekend, volunteers built seven large brush piles in the Petobego State Game Area along the hunter access footpath. The group utilized downed trees from last year’s severe windstorm the impacted the area. The hunter access footpath extends one mile from the parking area to the lakeshore; volunteers were able to clear trees from half a mile of the footpath. The trunk sections were used to create the base for brush piles and smaller limbs and branches were piled on top. These brush piles will provide cover for the areas cottontail rabbit population as well as other small game. Continue reading

The Story of the One-eyed Bear

by Anna Mitterling, Wildlife Cooperative Coordinator, MUCC The Michigan hunting family is a special beast. Like all families, we have our slew of issues and disagreement, but I can tell you that the hunters I work with here in Michigan are top notch humans. My college roommate's father reached out to me a few months ago. He has been sick for some time, and is quite weak. It has always been a dream of his to hunt a Michigan black bear. He had been saving up points for years, and felt his strength was up enough to get in a hunt this year. He asked me if I knew of an outfitter in the Lower Peninsula who could help him out, and I decided to post on Facebook to see if anyone would be personally interested in helping Tom out. Continue reading

MUCC's Wildlife Habitat Program Heads to NW Michigan

MUCC’s Wildlife Habitat Program will be reaching the NW Region of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula for the first time on Saturday, September 17th. Volunteers will be meeting at 9am at the Petobego State Game Area to build brush piles for rabbitat. The Petobego SGA is composed of 629 acres in Grand Traverse and Antrim Counties.  It contains a large, unique coastal marsh with outflow to East Grand Traverse Bay; providing an extremely scenic area with opportunities for hunting waterfowl, deer, and small game. The project goal is to build brush piles along the hunter access footpath that extends one mile from the parking area to the shoreline. Continue reading

2016 Fall Pheasant Rendezvous

This past Saturday, on September 10, we held the second Pheasant Rendezvous in the Thumb. Anna Mitterling, Wildlife Cooperative Coordinator, along with Farm Bill Biologists Jason Myers, Kurt Wolf. and David Ferris worked to great the agenda for the event and presented on some key topics for Pheasant Cooperative Leaders. Continue reading

DNR Reports 8th Suspect CWD Deer in Meridian Township

Suspect deer for chronic wasting disease identified in Ingham County  Hunters in DMU 333 reminded of the requirement to have harvested deer from the area checked Since May 2015, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has been actively conducting surveillance for chronic wasting disease (CWD). To date, more than 6,000 deer have been tested since the first positive was found, with seven cases of CWD confirmed. Continue reading

Corporate Conservationist Meijer Providing Free Junior Hunting Licenses

Meijer is offering free Michigan junior deer licenses at its stores September 9 and 10, continuing the generous support of conservation which earned it Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC)'s Corporate Conservationist of the Year Award for 2016. With the purchase of a base license, Meijer will cover the cost of the junior deer license with the coupon below, which includes the details and rules for redemption. (Photo: Bob Coffin of The Meijer Corporation accepts MUCC's 2016 Corporate Conservationist of the Year Award) Continue reading

Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

by Anna Mitterling, Wildlife Cooperative Coordinator, MUCC Last week I posted a DNR press release announcing the publication of the first year of managing for CWD here in southcentral Michigan. I was surprised by a few responses to that report. But what stemmed out of that dialogue reminded me of a larger issue than just hunters who are not informed about the wildlife they manage - but the attacking that we as hunters personally do to each other. There are lots of posts about not supporting a company because of a stance they take on hunting, or complaints about anti-hunters, or even the decline of hunter numbers over time. But the real issue, and the heart of the problem I see - is that if we cannot be a uniformed ‘largest armed army,’ then divided we'll fall. Continue reading

Volunteers Plant 230 Trees in Shingleton State Forest GEMS Area

Last weekend’s wildlife habitat project was a great one in the Upper Peninsula’s Shingleton State Forest Garden Grade Rd Grouse Enhanced Management Site (GEMS) area. There was a turnout of 21 volunteers, despite the rain, to plant 230 mast-producing trees and shrubs. The trees and shrubs planted included ninebark, American mountain ash, American hazelnut, and highbush cranberry. Volunteers planted along logging roadways to enhance 20 acres of grouse habitat in a recently forested stand to promote aspen regeneration. Grouse were spotted by a few lucky volunteers along the way; this site will be a thriving habitat for the game bird in the next five to ten years of growth! Continue reading

DNR's CWD Myth Busters

by Anna Mitterling, Wildlife Cooperative Coordinator, MUCC The Michigan Department of Natural Resources recently started a new Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) campaign to help dispel the myths orienting around CWD. This blog takes a look at these "Busted Myths" and goes into further detail. Continue reading