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Founded in 1937, Michigan United Conservation Clubs is the largest statewide conservation organization in Michigan. Its mission is to unite citizens to conserve, protect and enhance Michigan’s natural resources and outdoor heritage.



  • Latest from the blog

    How to do a Crowing Count for Pheasants

    By Anna Mitterling, MUCC, Wildlife Cooperative Coordinator Believe it or not, pheasants are starting to make a comeback in different parts of Southern Michigan. The trail camera picture shows a flock of pheasants flying by, and believe it or not, those are pheasants on a parcel of well managed habitat in Gratiot County. The phrase, build it and they will come, is proving true in pockets around Michigan, where well managed native grasslands have been established. Whether you know you have pheasants, or if you hope you have pheasants, running a crowing count this spring is a great way to get outside, watch the sunrise, and listen for crowing pheasants.
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    MUCC's On the Ground Program Expands to Include K-12 School Groups

    Two more wildlife habitat improvement projects will be completed in different regions of the state by the end of this week.  Tomorrow, we will be teaming up with the Reese High School Out-of-Doors Club to maintain wood duck nesting boxes in the Fish Pointe Wildlife Area. Then, on Saturday, we will be teaming up with the Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops local to the Gourdneck State Game Area to complete Brandon Thomas’ Eagle Scout Project. Brandon has recruited up to 50 volunteers to plant a total of 1,100 trees in a wildlife opening in the Gourdneck State Game Area. The native trees for this event were donated by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF); thank you for your support!
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