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Founded in 1937, Michigan United Conservation Clubs is the largest statewide conservation organization in Michigan. Its mission is to unite citizens to conserve, protect and enhance Michigan’s natural resources and outdoor heritage.



  • Latest from the blog

    MUCC Promotes Sawyer Safety System to 30 Participants

    This weekend, 30 people became safer sawyers by attending Chuck Oslund’s Chainsaw Safety Training hosted at MUCC. This was the third year in a row that this course has been offered to volunteers with MUCC’s Wildlife Habitat Program and the general public. This year, participants had the option to practice techniques learned within the safety system with a second training day held at the Rose Lake State Game Area. Half of the group, including two participants that took Chuck’s course here at MUCC last year, took advantage of the extra training offered in the field.  Thank you to Bill Dawson and Bill Rushford for volunteering their time this weekend to make the field training possible!
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    The DNR Let Ann Arbor Sterilize Your Deer

    In a year when deer issues threaten to divide the hunting community, the Department of Natural Resources just did something that ought to unite it, and not for a good reason. The Michigan DNR - the agency that you fund with your hunting, fishing and trapping license dollars - just gave the City of Ann Arbor the go-ahead to sterilize free-ranging whitetail deer which you have entrusted the DNR to manage. Every single deer hunter in Michigan - no matter what your views are on APR's, baiting or the one-buck rule - ought to be united in condemning DNR leadership for caving to the anti-hunting interests like HSUS who have pushed sterilization.
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