For more than 75 years, Michigan United Conservation Clubs has been the watchdog for Michigan’s natural resources and our outdoor heritage.

On November 9, 1937, 92 conservationists representing 35 outdoor clubs held a historic meeting at the Shiawassee Conservation Association. To protect Michigan’s outdoors, they formed a united front for conservation and created the Michigan United Conservation Clubs.

Today, MUCC is the largest statewide conservation organization in the nation. Through tens of thousands of individual members and members through hundreds of affiliated clubs, MUCC works to accomplish its mission of Uniting Citizens to Conserve Michigan’s Natural Resources and Protect OUR Outdoor Heritage.

MUCC’s goal is to provide Michigan’s outdoors community with a place to gather and take a unified stance on those issues that matter most. The outdoors is a passionate subject for many Michigan residents and there will always be diverse opinions. But finding a way to agree upon and rally around key areas — such as our rights to hunt, fish and trap — are vital to the future of Michigan’s outdoors. MUCC is the organization that can bring Michigan’s many different groups, organizations and individual together to stand shoulder-to-shoulder on those key “big picture” areas of importance.

MUCC features Michigan’s most respected and known outdoors media brand in Michigan Out of Doors Magazine. Michigan Out of Doors Magazine and MichiganOutofDoors.com deliver news, information and entertainment to hundreds of thousands of people each year. The Michigan Out of Doors Brand enables MUCC to educate and inform readers and viewers about important conservation and outdoors heritage issues as well as to illustrate just how much fun and important outdoors recreation is to the citizens of Michigan. MUCC’s Michigan Ou tof Doors Magazine and MichiganOutofDoors.com brands are on the cutting edge of media and are delivering content and mission-driven coverage that no other media outlet can rival.

MUCC is also the home of the all-new Michigan OutofDoors University, a program designed to educate Michigan citizens of all ages on all manner of outdoor subjects and issues ranging from seminars on improving fisheries in your area to hunter/angler harassment topics.

MUCC’s Tracks Magazine is Michigan’s only elementary-level reader program designed to educate Michigan’s kids about the wildlife in their state and instill conservation principles at an early age. The Tracks program ties in perfectly with MUCC’s acclaimed Youth Camp which helps hundreds of kids each summer to experience Michigan’s great outdoors as they learn about conservation, wildlife habitat, participate in shooting sports and have the opportunity to earn their Hunter Safety certification.

MUCC has a long, storied history of protecting Michigan’s natural resources and ensuring that conservation principles are not ignored. Through its seven decades of existence, MUCC has undergone much transformation and change. Today’s MUCC, however, remains focused on the mission that was established in 1937: To protect our outdoors heritage and ensure that Michigan’s great outdoors remain great.

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