Wolf Hearing Held; HSUS Files Another Wolf Lawsuit

On October 17, a hearing was held in the Michigan Senate Natural Resources committee to begin discussions on a bill designating the wolf as a game animal in Michigan.
MUCC joined the Michigan Hunting Dog Federation (MHDF) in representing our members and other sportsman’s organizations around the state to advocate for the full range of science based management practices to be applied to wolves – including hunting and trapping.
 The wolf has made an historic recovery in Michigan, going from zero wolves as recently as 1988-1989, to over 700 today. The wolf population continues to grow steadily and quickly at an average of 13% per year. Many studies and reports also show that Michigan could soon be reaching its carrying capacity limit for wolves in the near future.
MUCC argued that placing the wolf on the list of game species allows for the full range of management options, just like every other species in Michigan, to be considered by the NRC and the state’s wildlife managers – including the potential for a managed hunting and trapping season. As per Michigan law, a season cannot be established without designating the wolf as a game species.
The fact is that making the wolf a game animal allows them to be managed under the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, the most successful wildlife conservation model on the planet. Not only the does the North American Model have an unmatched track record of conserving and enhancing wildlife species, but it allows citizens the opportunity to participate in the management through controlled hunting and trapping seasons.
While the hearing heard testimony in support from MUCC, MHDF, and the Michigan Farm Bureau, it also heard opposition from some of the usual suspects – most notably the nation’s largest anti-hunting group, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).
The hearing also came a day after HSUS filed a notice that they intend to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to place wolves in the Great Lakes Region back on the Endangered Species Act.  See article.
As you may recall, HSUS held up the delisting of wolves for over a decade with lawsuits, and now seeks to again use the courts to make wildlife decisions instead of professional wildlife managers at the state and federal level.  
MUCC will continue to track and keep you informed of legislative information and the actions of HSUS and other anti-hunting groups.
Be sure to click the link on sign-on and support wolf management in Michigan! https://mucc.org/managewolves/

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