Wolf Bill Heading to Governor; What's His Plan?

Late last week, the Michigan legislature finished up its final votes on SB 1350, a bill that designates the wolf as a game species in Michigan, will be sending the bill soon to Governor Rick Snyder.
Many people have asked what the Governor will do, and what will happen if he does not sign the bill.
Once the bill reaches the Governor’s desk, he has three options. He can sign the bill, veto the bill, or take no action.
  • Sign - If the Governor signs the bill, the bill becomes law and will take immediate effect. At that point the next steps will be up to the NRC. Given that the new NRC chair J.R. Richardson hails from Ontonagon (i.e., wolf country) our best guess is he will want to begin reviewing this issue as soon as possible.
  • Veto - If the Governor vetoes the bill, the bill is dead, and a new bill would need to be introduced next session and again work its way through the entire legislative process. 
  • Takes no action – If the Governor does not take action by signing or vetoing the bill within 14 days of receiving it, the bill is enacted into law. However, if the legislature has adjourned for the session and the Governor does not sign or veto the bill within 14 days, the bill is not passed and is considered dead.
Since the legislature in Michigan has finished for the session, it is imperative that Gov. Snyder sign SB 1350, otherwise, it will not automatically become law. While there is no official word yet on what the Governor intends to do with SB 1350, or when he intends to do it, all reports seem to indicate he has interest in signing the bill.
However, it does not hurt to share your support and respectfully urge the Governor to sign SB 1350.
You can contact the governor here.

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