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Wolf Management Bill On The Move!

November 9th, 2012

The wolf management bill is officially moving.

The Senate committee on Natural Resources passed out Senate Bill 1350, which would designate the wolf as a game species in Michigan and authorize a potential future wolf hunting season, on a 5-2 party-line vote.

MUCC has been working on this issue for the past year and is delighted to see the bill move. MUCC President Dawn Levey, who authored a resolution in favor of designating the wolf a game animal at MUCC’s Annual Convention, gave testimony on her extensive experience studying wolves. 

Many thanks to Senator Tom Casperson (R-Escanaba) for sponsoring the bill, and to Senators Phil Pavlov (R-St. Clair), Mike Green (R-Mayville), Mike Kowall (R-White Lake), and Arlan Meekhof (R-West Olive) for their “yes” votes during committee.  

The bill now moves on to the full Senate. Be sure to contact your Senator and ask them to support sound wolf management in Michigan by supporting SB 1350!

If you haven’t signed MUCC’s online petition to support sound wolf management, do so now! Click here!

  • George Gustafson

    Sorry but I find Senate Bill 1350 completely appalling. Senator Casperson, Pavlov, Green, Kowall, and Meekhof should be recalled for their sponsoring of this bill.

  • Shannon Smith

    MI needs this badly. Wolves are no where near extinction. For the citizens of this state and wolves to coexist peacefully there must be a management policy in place. Just like for bear and elk and all game species. Its just great common sense.

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