Wins for the Michigan Pheasant

by Anna Mitterling, Wildlife Cooperatives Coordinator, MUCC

Earlier this month we held our annual Spring Pheasant Rendezvous. We had a great turn out, with several cooperatives and chapters represented. We discussed how the cooperatives were doing, what the updated pheasant release criteria is, learned about food plots and plant id. We also were given the history of the Strader farm (the host for this Rendezvous), followed by a tour. Thank you to those who attended, and to the Stranders for opening up their farm, Tyler Tankersley and Nathan McNett for your assistance with presentations, and Al Stewart for making time in your schedule to spend time with us. A great time was had by all!


The month of May was Crowing Survey month. Thank you to all of you who completed survey routes and sent the data in!! I am looking forward to seeing the results from those. Check out the Lake Hudson Pheasant Cooperative Facebook page for some really neat footage of pheasants they saw during the survey.

The Michigan Pheasants Forever State Rep, Bill VanderZouwen was at the national office for a staff meeting. He was awarded the Most Valuable Employee award, and his response was, "The leaders in PF have noticed all the great things happening among chapters, state council, and the MPRI partner coalition in Michigan.  So, the award really reflects all that you have done at the local, state, and national level.  Congrats to all who contribute to our mission of habitat development and connecting kids to the outdoors at the local, statewide, and nationwide levels.  Be proud.  We are all Habitat Heroes." Congratulations Bill, and kudos to all of you who make habitat restoration possible!

The MPRI came out with an overview of accomplishments report for 2016. You can see this report here.

This coming month, I have been invited to several pheasant cooperatives to look at properties, discuss growth strategies, and provide updates. I look forward to connecting with many cooperative leaders and members who, as Bill stated, truly are Michigan's Habitat Heros. 

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