WildLife Wednesday: Spartans vs. Wolverines

Drew YoungeDyke,  Field Manager Drew YoungeDyke,
Field Manager
Did any of you catch the game last night? As a Michigan State grad, I'm pretty happy that we won. But through our On the Ground (OTG) program this year, when Spartan and Wolverine fans compete, wildlife will win.
Since we started the On the Ground (OTG) program, we thought it was important that volunteers have a memento by way of a dry t-shirt and a full stomach to leave with after spending a hard day improving fish and wildlife habitat. And every year, we get lots of volunteers who root for both teams. This is obvious because during the post-workday lunches the topic often comes up because, well, we're in Michigan, and that's what Michiganders talk about, especially this Spartan.
Rivalry2015So this year, we're giving fans of both teams a chance to compete against each other, earn a cool t-shirt, and benefit wildlife at the same time. That's because this year we're giving volunteers a choice of t-shirts: maize & blue or green & white. They look kind of like vintage jerseys printed on super-soft tees by a Michigan-based company, so they're perfect for wearing to the game, a tailgate, or just to watch the game with your buddies. And we're going to keep track of how many of each color volunteers choose, tally up the score after every event, and announce a winner at the end of the challenge.
The challenge will go until October 17, the date of the Michigan-Michigan State football game. Between now and then, we're going to be hosting dozens of volunteer projects around the state, from the southern corners of Michigan to the Upper Peninsula. We're going to build brush piles for rabbits, maintain openings for wood duck marshes and elk by cutting back encroaching timber, hinge-cut small trees for bedding and travel cover for white-tailed deer, plant mast-bearing trees to provide food sources for deer, bears, turkeys and more, remove trash and fish passage barriers from rivers, clear invasive plants from wetlands - in kayaks - and a whole lot more. We're posting our upcoming events at www.mucc.org/ontheground, so there should be one near you this year. And the more you volunteer, the more points you earn for your fan base!
This is all about improving wildlife habitat, but it's also about representing your team, your school, your fellow fans, and earning bragging rights and a cool t-shirt, and that's just fun. And if you don't have a strong allegiance to either side, green and white looks good on everyone! So who cares most about wildlife habitat: Spartans or Wolverines? There's only one way to find out: sign up to volunteer at www.mucc.org/ontheground!

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