WildLife Wednesday: HSUS Isn't Going Away

Here in Michigan, we defeated the Humane Society of the United States by passing the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act in August. In case you forgot, that rendered the subsequent November referendum votes a moot point.
At the federal level, HSUS scored a temporary victory by convincing a lone federal judge to re-list western Great Lakes wolves under the Endangered Species Act, but we're appealing that ruling and supporting federal legislation to reinstate the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's biologists' rule to de-list them, at which point we'll be able to hunt them in Michigan. Still with me? But even in Maine, where the victory was a little more clear-cut after a majority of Maine voters rejected HSUS's attempt to attack hunting rights there, HSUS still isn't going away.
http://www.ussportsmen.org/news/hsus-declares-maine-bear-hunting-target-2016/ http://www.ussportsmen.org/news/hsus-declares-maine-bear-hunting-target-2016/
Here's the action alert I received in my inbox today from our friends at the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance:
HSUS Declares Maine Bear Hunting a Target in 2016
Just months after a resounding defeat by Maine voters, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has announced plans to bring yet another ballot issue on bear hunting back to Maine.
On Tuesday, Feb. 24, lawyers for HSUS and the state of Maine were in court to debate the lawsuit brought by HSUS against the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. That suit sought to stop the state’s wildlife experts from explaining to voters the true dangers of HSUS’s bear hunting ban. Despite an overwhelming decision by Maine Superior Court Justice Joyce Wheeler that sided with the state’s right to provide comments, HSUS continues to pursue a legal challenge.
As part of the discussions about the pending litigation, an attorney for HSUS, Rachel Wertheimer, advised the court that they will again put the question on the 2016 ballot, and will be filing the initial paperwork soon.
“I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that these guys will stop at nothing to pursue their radical, anti-hunting agenda,” said Nick Pinizzotto, USSA president and CEO. “They spent more than $2.5 million dollars trying to buy an election. When it was clear they were about to lose, they sued the state to prevent the true experts from explaining the dangers of the issue to voters.  And now they are making it crystal clear that they do not respect the will of the voters – who have twice sent HSUS and their allies packing.”
In November, voters rejected the bear hunting ban (Question 1) by a 53.6 to 46.3 percent margin, just as they did in 2004 – the last time HSUS brought the issue to Maine.
“How many times are we going to have to debate this? They’ve lost before the legislature, they’ve lost at the ballot box, and they’ve lost in the courts,” Pinizzotto continued. “This is nothing more than a direct look straight into the heart of the anti-hunting movement, a movement that will obviously stop at nothing to accomplish their agenda.”
HSUS isn't going away. The rest of the animal rights nuts are not going away. The days of us beating them and them re-grouping for a decade, like after 1996's Proposal G, before coming back to attack hunting rights are gone. They have a massive warchest raised by duping donors into thinking they're associated with animal shelters, and they will use it to try to take away our rights to hunt, fish and trap state by state, species by species, method by method.
The only thing standing in their way is the united efforts of hunters, anglers and trappers. But the key word is "united." The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance does a tremendous job on the national level fighting the anti-hunters, just as Michigan United Conservation Clubs and our coalition partners fight them here in our state. We need to keep that coalition working together and growing, though. You can't be a hunter and sit on the sidelines; those days are done. And if you're trying to tear down the groups that protect your rights, then you're part of the problem, not the solution, because we need everyone working together if we're going to fight the money they'll throw at ending what you do.
HSUS is coming back to attack hunting rights in Michigan. We don't yet know which method or species, but they're coming. Are you ready to fight? We are.

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