Who are you gonna call?

In the time it takes you to read this blog, you could have already left a message for your state representative asking him or her to vote YES on the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act on Wednesday.
CPWM LogoHere's the thing: You worked your tail off collecting the signatures of almost 300,000 registered voters in support of the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, which will protect hunting rights from out-of-state anti-hunters like the Humane Society of the United States.
They know this bill stops them in their tracks, though, and over the last few weeks they've been busy leaving flyers on doors and making robo-calls to your neighbors to get them to call your representatives in opposition to this important bill.
Don't let your months of effort go to waste: take one minute right now to call your representative and tell him or her to vote "YES" on the
Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act!
Anti-hunters like HSUS are betting that Michigan's hunters and anglers are too apathetic to make one phone call in support of our hunting rights. We proved them wrong in collecting almost 300,000 signatures, but we're not done. We need your phone call to your state representative right now to see this through. Let's finish the job.
Below is a list of those members in the Sate House that need some extra encouragement in the direction of Scientific Wildlife Management.  These pics are for sharing so, find someone to call, call them, then pass the pic along!
Or go all the way and share this whole post! We can do this if we do it together!
Give them a call now!
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