Camo at the Capitol

Grassroots Action

Our rights to hunt, fish and trap are under attack like never before in Michigan. The Washington, DC-based Humane Society of the United States – the largest anti-hunting organization in the country – has set its sights on Michigan with not one, but two ballot initiative referendums seeking to repeal pro-hunting legislation.

The one thing that can defeat the anti-hunters is a concerted effort by Michigan’s 1.2 million anglers and 775,000 hunters and trappers to get the word out to Michigan’s non-hunting and non-fishing populace about why wildlife management by popularity contest is dangerous for conservation and wildlife.

This fight is about more than wolves. This goes to the core of how we manage wildlife in Michigan, the North American Model of Conservation, and our rights to hunt, fish and trap.  If we stay on the sidelines and say “it’s not my fight,” then we don’t deserve the rights that we’ll all lose. It’s up to us.

This page contains the tools that will enable every hunter, angler and trapper to be an advocate for our rights.

How Can You Help?

  • Talk to your friends, family, clubs and organizations about what’s going on.
  • Submit letters to the editor of your local newspaper or write an op-ed.
  • Share information on social media and with your email lists.
  • Comment on news stories and blogs.
  • Print flyers and fact sheets and post them in legal public places and bulletin boards around your community.
  • Ask local businesses if they will display flyers, too.
  • Distribute the flyers at public functions, festivals, community meetings and appropriate social gatherings.
  • If you see HSUS’s signature gatherers, politely ask their audience to “decline to sign” and explain why.
  • If you hear their signature collectors lying, politely refute them and tell the truth.

The Tools

Fact Sheet: PA 21 & 22 (SB 288 & 289)
Fact Sheet: Michigan Wolf Management
Flyer: Decline to Sign
Example Letters to the Editor PA 21
Michigan Newspapers

If you have any questions or would like to learn about other ways to get involved, please email Drew YoungeDyke, MUCC Grassroots Manager, at

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