When it comes to making a difference, funding is critical. That’s no secret and it’s something every organization needs to survive. However, choosing the right partners and funding sources are critical not only to the end goal but in also staying true to your mission. MUCC is proud to have been selected to receive a number of grants that allow the organization to fight every day for Michigan’s outdoors. Here are a few examples.

The Hal and Jean Glassen Memorial Foundation

Both Hal & Jean Glassen were avid hunters, life-long conservationists and avid participants in shooting sports.  The Memorial Foundation was created in 1992 to continue to ambitions and goals to which the Glassen’s dedicated their lives and as part of this continuation, the Glassen Memorial Foundation in 2009 and 2010 awarded MUCC with a challenge grantto redevelop its youth camp programming.  The challenge has been met and MUCC is ready to launch its exciting new programming at the Cedar Lake Outdoor Center in the summer of 2011.

Plum Creek Foundation

Another MOOD U supporter, Plum Creek is an exciting partner to help MUCC grow and expand its forest and habitat management.  In October of 2010 MOOD U will be offering a program to help landowners better manage their forest lands for their goals of wildlife habitat, timber and more!

The Ferrantino Foundation

In today’s world, technology and the ability to communicate is a critical component of any successful program.  Through the generous support of The Ferrantino Foundation, MUCC was able to completely revamp its communication platform.  The newly formed www.michiganoutofdoors.com and www.mucc.org are a direct outgrowth of this grant.  Both tools are essential to the success of MOOD U and its ability to educate individuals on conservation issues in Michigan.

DTE Energy Foundation

DTE Energy Foundation has long been a supporter of environmental and conservation issues in the state.  This year, the Foundation awarded a generous grant to MOOD U, allowing us to continue our work to educate members on conservation issues of their choosing.  Next up for MOOD U is a seminar on Hunter/ Angler Harassment.  It’s important to know your rights when you are out in the woods and waters!

National Wildlife Federation Affiliate Challenge Grant

MUCC has been the Michigan affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation for many years now.  Because of the affiliation, MUCC is eligible to apply for a grant to help build its technology and capacity.  The challenge grant is a competition between all state affiliates and in 2010 MUCC was lucky to be a recipient of this grant to help advance MOOD U.

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