What We Do

We Conserve, Protect, Defend.

Michigan United Conservation Clubs — first and foremost — is about conservation. Conservation — not preservation — is the goal. Conservation, by definition, is the wise use of our natural resources. Hunting, fishing, trapping, forestry, agriculture, outdoor recreation — all are sustainable, beneficial uses of healthy, natural habitats so long as sound, science-based conservation principles are followed.

At MUCC it’s our duty to ensure that conservation principles are followed and that the merits of traditional — and new — outdoor activities are not overlooked or portrayed in a false manner. Hunters, anglers and trappers are true conservationists and, in fact, have led the way for the conservation models and principles in place today. MUCC is not only a deer hunter’s group. We are not only a turkey hunter’s group. We are not only a trout angler’s group. We are a group of conservationists with many, many diverse interests and opinions bonded by the common theme of conservation. It is only through collaboration and unity that we will be able to ensure the future of Michigan’s outdoors and the protection of our outdoor heritage. While there are — and always should be — many different views on hunting methods, tactics and approaches, there is one common theme that bonds us all: Science and sound management principles should be used when determining how Michigan’s citizens are allowed to utilize and enjoy our outdoor resources. That is what MUCC is about and it’s what we do.

Because the outdoors and resource world in Michigan is do diverse, so too are MUCC’s partnerships and relationships. MUCC sits on a number of advisory boards, panels and workgroups ranging from Great Lakes issues to sustainable forestry practices to bear hunting regulations. MUCC has earned a number of important grants and awards that allow the organization to work on the behalf of its members and all of those who cherish Michigan’s great outdoors. MUCC is proud to serve as an umbrella organization able to bring in many of Michigan’s leading conservation organizations to form a unified front as the Conservation Coalition. Ranging from state chapters of national organizations to species-specific groups, the Conservation Coalition epitomizes the type of leadership and unifying abilities that only a group like MUCC can provide.

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Calendar of Affiliate Club Events

NRA High Power Rifle Shoot April 19, 2014

USPSA Handgun Shoot April 19, 2014

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