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From: Matt Evans - 
MUCC Legislative Manager
For all of you MUCC members out there across the state this is your friendly reminder that today is an election day, so don’t forget to go out and vote!
This August 5th, state officials are expecting below average voter turnout of around 20% today. This can mostly be attributed to today’s election not being a Presidential election but rather only a primary election.  Couple this with the fact that all you get is a sweet “I voted” sticker that you’ve probably gotten a hundred times over and it makes for low voter turnout.
In my opinion, 20% participation is appalling! Today’s elections, while seemingly insignificant, have huge implications for the November general election.  There are quite a few races around the state where the primary winner is a shoe-in to win in November.  So we here at MUCC election HQ can’t stress how important it is for you take 5 minutes out of your day to go and vote for conservation minded candidates.
This year we are battling tooth and nail with the out of state anti-hunter groups who want to stifle our rights.  And a big reason that we are going to succeed is because you have done a great job supporting candidates who value the hunting and fishing heritage that we Michiganders hold so dear to our hearts. Please don’t fall back on your past participation and think that missing one election won’t matter.  It will!
It may not seem like your singular vote counts for much but when you add it to the other 1 million hunters and fisherman in the state, they add up pretty fast!  It is more important now than ever to support strong conservation oriented candidates so that we can continue to preserve our outdoor heritage. Now go Vote!

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