Uses of Recreation Passport To Expand

By now, you've likely heard plenty about the state's Recreation Passport, a $10 add-on to your license plate renewal that allows access into state parks.
On Thursday at the Natural Resources Commission meeting, the DNR Director approved an order that now requires a Recreation Passport to use state forest rustic campgrounds and trails, parking lots and boat access sites affiliated with the campgrounds. Existing camping fees for state forest campgrounds will still apply although the rates may be reevaluated in 2013.
What does this all mean? Well, it means that the Recreation Passport just became an even bigger value for those who use state boat launches and State Park campgrounds. The fees collected over a summer's worth of fun would generally easily surpass the $10 price tag that the Passport carries.
It also means that users of state lands that previously haven't helped to fund the maintenance of those lands will no longer ride the coat tails of hunters and anglers who have footed the bill for public land upkeep for years.
For more on the issue, check out this piece from the Grand Rapids Press.

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