Threatened and Endangered Species Week: World Cat Day!

It’s World Cat DLynxay and the end of Threatened and Endangered Species Week; we obviously had to feature two of the most elusive felines of Michigan. The Cougar and the Lynx are two of the rarest animals the majority of Michigan residents will never see.

The last confirmed lynx sighting in Michigan was way back in 1983 in Mackinac County. Many have claimed to have spotted the cat since, but their similarity to a bobcat means most sightings are a case of mistaken identity. One of the only absolute ways to tell a bobcat from a lynx is by looking at the tip of their tail. A bob cat has a black spot on the top of the tip of their tail, while a lynx has the entire tip of their tail black, like it was dipped in ink.

cougarThe other cat that causes quite a stir whenever it is spotted is the cougar, or puma, or mountain lion, or any of its other many names. The last known cougar was killed in 1906 near Newberry in the U.P. Since then many have said they’ve seen a cougar but few had any hard proof. Thanks to trail cams we have been getting photos more regularly, and with technology improving, the photos have been clearer. The DNR has confirmed photos of cougars throughout the U.P., along with hair samples and scat samples.

Are you one of the few to have seen evidence of a cougar or lynx in Michigan?

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