The Truth about the False Claims of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected

On May 13, Keep Michigan Wolves Protected, the anti-hunting front group for the Humane Society of the United States, held a lobby day at the State Capitol in Lansing. True to form, they passed around "Fact Sheets" to legislators that, like previous versions, strayed pretty far from the "facts." We have to give them some credit, though: at least they left "aerial gunning from helicopters" off of this fact sheet.
CfPWMAnti-Hunters Claim:“Nearly half a million Michigan voters have signed petitions this past year to place two referendums on the November ballot…”
Truth: Keep Michigan Wolves Protected had fewer signatures (183,000) for their second referendum than their first (250,000), showing diminishing public support for them. It’s highly likely that is was most of the same people who signed their second petition as the first (just fewer of them), because they used the same California-based collection firm to get their signatures. Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management, on the other hand, will collect more than 350,000 signatures, over 100,000 more than either of the anti-hunting referendums.
Anti-Hunters Claim: The Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act is trying to “block voter voices on wildlife protection…”
Truth: Two straight polls show public support for the wolf hunt over 67%. The Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act will make sure that decisions about game species and fisheries orders are based on sound science, which can only be assured at the Natural Resources Commission, where they are required to use sound science, rather than misleading political ads financed by out-of-state anti-hunting groups. Also, NRC meetings are a public process.
Anti-Hunters Claim: “The Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act initiative is misleading because...Its $1 million appropriation, supposedly to support the eradication of aquatic invasive species including Asian carp, is available for only one year after passage…” 
Truth: The appropriation IS to help stop aquatic invasive species – it supports the grant of authority to the Natural Resources Commission to issue fisheries orders. Furthermore, it is not only available for a year; any amount not expended during the first fiscal year is carried forward in a work project account that is available as a rapid response fund whenever needed to address an aquatic invasive species emergency, such as finding Asian carp eDNA in Michigan waters.
Anti-Hunters Claim:  “The two Keep Michigan Wolves Protected ballot issues are NOT about restricting hunting rights.”
Truth: The Keep Michigan Wolves Protected referendums are funded, organized and staffed by the Humane Society of the United States. HSUS opposes public hunting rights, as it states on its website. It opposes all hunting for “fun, trophy or sport,” (and it always claims the hunting seasons it attacks are for “fun, trophy or sport,” even when clearly authorized by state biologists for food, fur, population and habitat management, property protection or human safety), that it opposes all hunting with dogs, and that any killing of wildlife must only be done by “responsible officials,” in other words, not by licensed hunters.
Be sure to mail in your petitions immediately to Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management! If not, then the false claims of anti-hunters will overrule sound science and biology when it comes to making fish and wildlife decisions in Michigan!

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