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The Scientific Wildlife Management Package

April 16th, 2013

The Scientific Wildlife Management package will fulfill the promise of 1996′s Proposal G – voted into law by over 68% of Michigan voters – to make sure we manage our wildlife using sound science. The information below describes the package in more detail and you can download this fact sheet to distribute to the hunters, anglers, trappers, family and friends in your circle: Support_Scientific_Wildlife_Management[1]

Senate Bills 288 & 289: Sponsored by Sen. Tom Casperson

House Bills 4552 & 4553: Sponsored by Rep. Jon Bumstead

Two-bill package would accomplish the following:

  • Include Right to Hunt and Fish language in state statute to recognize its importance for the conservation, preservation and management of the state’s wildlife and natural resources;
  • Allow the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) to regulate the taking of fish as they regulate the taking of game;
  • Allow the NRC to add species to the game list while retaining the Legislature’s ability to both add and remove species on the list;
  • Allow free hunting and fishing opportunities for active service members;
  • Provide resources to the DNR for the scientific management of fish and game animals including education, outreach and research related to hunting, fishing, game animals, predators and prey.
  • Provide resources for hunter/angler recruitment and retention and wildlife population surveys.

Why this package is important:

  • Hunting and fishing are  economic drivers in Michigan which rely on sound science and professional management to thrive.
  • Declares that hunting and fishing are valued parts of Michigan’s cultural heritage and should be preserved for future generations.
  • Provides funding for fish and wildlife research.
  • Funding to help expand and improve youth education and outreach to get kids outdoors and advance the future of hunting and fishing.
  • Ensure Michigan is eligible for its 3 to 1 match in federal Pittman-Robertson and Dingell-Johnson grants for wildlife and fish restoration.
  • Affirms Michigan’s commitment to using sound science in wildlife management as approved by voters through Proposal G of 1996.
  • Bruce Welnetz

    As a hunter and fisherman I am appalled by the misrepresentation of facts in these bills. Hunting is a privilege. Just like gun ownership. No one is challenging my gun ownership or my ability to hunt deer or fish. The only purpose of these bills is to cloud the real issue – whether voters should have a say in what wildlife should be hunted. SB 288 allows NRC to designate any species a game animal and then establish the hunting season. What’s next? Eagles? How about blue jays?

  • Tom M.

    Will they try to declare alewives a native species? They tried before.

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