Take Action Now to Invest in the Outdoors

A new hunting, fishing, and trapping license fee package is on the table, presented by Governor Rick Snyder as part of his 2014 budget.
MUCC has provided background information and perspective on the approach it has taken in evaluating the current license proposal. We are very much in support of a simpler, smarter license structure and system and sustainable funding for conservation, so long as the funding is used appropriately and the expenditures are presented openly and clearly to the public.
We hope you are too.
Please join us and at least 24 other statewide and regional organizations in contacting your Michigan Senator and Representative, as well as the members of the Appropriations Subcommittees to let them know that sportsmen and women support this license restructuring and simplification. While the details of the package are still being worked out, it is important that they keep this in the appropriations budget as it moves forward.
Michigan House of Representatives: Contact Your Rep Michigan Senate: Contact Your Senator
Senate Appropriations: House of Representatives Appropriations: Please call this week!
In addition, legislators return to their districts over their spring break (March 22-April 7). Find out when they might have coffee hours over the break and join them to discuss this proposal.
Michigan currently has 227 different hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses. The new proposal simplifies the buying experience by whittling that number down to below 50. The proposal also changes the fee structure that will likely bring in an additional $18 million dollars. The DNR has published the projected outcomes of what they would accomplish for sportsmen and women with the additional funds. With these published outcomes and more department transparency seen through their annual wildlife and fisheries reports and strategic planning efforts, MUCC and our partners feel we have a better opportunity to track and hold the department accountable for these outcomes.
But there is no question that long-term, sustainable funding for conservation is of critical importance.
Call today and support a better outdoors for tomorrow.
Click HERE to download a copy of MUCC’s final report on the license proposal.

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