St. Clair River Hydro Power Project

Some of you might be reading about this project for the first time; others may already be looking for ways to stop this project from moving forward. Many concerns have been expressed over the potential adverse impact the project could have on the fisheries, recreational boating/fishing, shore fishing, the shipping industry and the environment.  The St.Clair River in the vicinity of the project is a major spawning site for lake sturgeon and walleye.
While this project is still really in its concept phase, it will be important to be informed in case this company decides to move forward with plans for construction, which would entail applying for permits and gathering public input. Here's a bit of a status update right now:
On March 29, 2010, Current Connection, LLC filed a Preliminary Permit Application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to study the feasibility of  placing  turbines in the St. Clair River for electrical power generation.  The proposal would include 396 turbines to be placed in the river from the Blue Water Bridge and extending downstream approximately 300 yards and 40 yards wide.  The turbines would be 30 ft. off the U.S. shoreline.  FERC issued an order granting the Preliminary Permit on December 22, 2010.  Current Connections, LLC issued the first Preliminary Report on June 20, 2011.
MUCC will be following this project closely and encourage our members to do so also. You can access the FERC e-library at . The project number for the St. Clair is P-13694.  Just click on “general search” and enter the date range at the top (1/3/2010 to today's date) and under Docket Number (2/3 the way down the page), enter the project number.  You will be able to view and download all the correspondence and public notices related to this project.
To get updates when things are added, go to the subscription page and make an account, use the same docket number.  You will receive e-mail alerts for anything that gets submitted to or sent by FERC on the St. Clair Project.

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