Snyder Signs Youth Handgun Safety Training Bill

Think back to when you took your hunter's safety course. Did you learn how to shoot a handgun? Was your parent or guardian by your side, or was it an instructor? Prior to new legislation signed by Governor Snyder this week, it would have been illegal if your parent was not physically present by your side.
But thanks to Public Act 201 of 2014, signed by Governor Snyder yesterday, youth may receive handgun safety training from a licensed instructor without the physical presence of their parents.
Rep. Phil Potvin, of Cadillac, introduced the youth handgun safety training bill. Rep. Phil Potvin, of Cadillac, introduced the youth handgun safety training bill.
We spoke with Rep. Phil Potvin (R-Cadillac), who introduced the bill.
"I'm very pleased to add pistol safety through education at our scout camps throughout Michigan," said Potvin. "As a scout leader, we can do more to better teach our children proper use of firearms, especially pistols."
This common-sense legislation will allow instructors to teach youth proper handgun safety after the instructor has completed a pistol training course. Now, when a youth goes through a hunter's safety course or scout camp, handgun safety could be offered as an option as long as the course or camp has a properly trained instructor, with parental consent.
MUCC supported this handgun safety legislation. In 2013, MUCC members passed two resolutions affirming MUCC's support for the Second Amendment and, this April, the MUCC Board of Directors established a Sport Shooting Range Committee.
Governor Snyder also signed a package of bills protecting registered gun records from Freedom of Information Act requests. The six-bill package was sponsored by Sen. Tom Casperson (R-Escanaba), Rep. Hugh Crawford (R-Novi), Rep. Eric Nesbitt (R-Lawton), Sen. Phil Pavlov (R-St. Clair Twp.), Sen. Geoff Hansen (R-Hart), and Rep. Kevin Cotter (R-Mt. Pleasant). It was introduced after a newspaper published the names and addresses of registered handgun owners in New York state in 2013.

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