Cooperative Buck Pole Brings Community Together

IMG_2451.JPGOpening weekend Southern Mecosta Whitetail Management Association (SMWMA) held their 7th annual Buck Pole - and it was a massive success! I had the pleasure of hunting across a dirt road from one of their cooperative members. He has some big deer on his well managed property, and was fortunate to harvest a brute opening morning - I heard the shot!  Monday night, my husband saw a giant deer come out of his thickets and was about to cross the road toward James’ stand when a car came and the buck went back into the brush. So close...

On Monday I headed over to the SMWMA Buck Pole to see some impressive bucks. It was a beautiful day and they had 17 bucks hanging on the pole and 13 racks from bow season. Over 100 people were in attendance. Marsha Wolf prepared a delicious, and free lunch, for the attendees inside the Hinton Township Hall.There were three great prizes given away along with a 50/50 drawing.

Jordan Browne from Michigan Out Of Doors TV was there to film some of the event and showcase the SMWMA Buck Pole as well as interview a couple of the successful hunters for an episode that was aired Thursday Nov 19th (if you missed it, check it out here).

Below is a list of the hunters that brought in their buck or rack. Attached are a few pics of the day. Congratulations to all and we really appreciate that you brought your buck or rack to show off!

IMG_2498.JPGRifle Bucks: Paula Carrick, Nicole Willett, Mike Willet, Rick Pomeroy, Allen Sutherby, Derek Dulek, Martin Simon, Morgan Carrick, John Hoeft, Chuck Pelham. Zoe Clark.Ben Carlson, Ethan Wood, Brendan Doyle, Todd Wilde,Tim Reed, Marcus McKelvy


Bow Racks: Doug Beemer, Steve Willett, Derek Dulek, Jason Donley, Lynn Smith, Jack Snyder, Ron Ray, Brett Tomkinson, Riley Mckenna, Greg Kupris, Jeff Snyder

To see more great photos of the Buck Pole on Facebook, click here.  

Photo Credits: Michael Miserendino

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