Skamania Fishing Time!

Photo courtesy of the Michigan DNR Photo courtesy of the Michigan DNR
In this weeks Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Weekly Digest Bulletin you can find the Weekly Fishing Tip. This week they talk about Skamania, where to look for them and what type of bait is the best to catch this summer Steelhead.
“Skamania are a strain of steelhead that run rivers in mid to late summer. When Lake Michigan turns over, typically after an east wind, cold water and Skamania can be found close to shore. Piers are a great place to target these summer steelhead. Try fishing alewife or shrimp under a bobber or cast orange Cleos and Kastmasters. St. Joseph, Grand Haven, Muskegon and Manistee piers are good choices. Once Skamania enter the rivers, target the mouths of coldwater creeks with spinners or Hot-N-Tots. The St. Joseph, Kalamazoo, Grand, Muskegon and Manistee rivers all get decent runs of summer steelhead. For more information on steelhead, check out their Michigan Fish and How to Catch Them page.This tip was written by Jay Wesley, Southern Lake Michigan Management Unit manager in Plainwell.”
Reposted by Mark Hymes, Environmental Policy Intern, Michigan United Conservation Clubs, Lansing, MI

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