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Rabbitat Volunteer Day at Crane Pond SGA

July 18th, 2013

Join us on August 10 to create rabbitat at Crane Pond State Game Area in southwest Michigan! Rabbitat (rabbit habitat) provides cover and space for cottontails, other small game and birds.

Volunteers will meet at 9am and divide into teams to cut pre-selected trees and stack them into brush piles. Each team will consist of one sawyer equipped with a chainsaw and safety equipment, and four to five volunteers to haul and stack brush.

This is a terrific opportunity for scout groups and other youth to learn the connection between habitat and hunting. To emphasize this connection, we plan to host a youth rabbit hunt at the same location in the winter to see how well the brush piles worked!

We’ll provide lunch, water and snacks, and each volunteer will receive a t-shirt and a one-year subscription to the online edition of Michigan OutofDoors Magazine as a thank-you for hard your work.

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