Shooting Ranges Update

As MUCC continues to follow issues involving shooting ranges, including the recent Michigan Court of Appeals decision involving a private shooting range, we wanted to give you a quick update.
The private shooting range’s appeal is still before the Michigan Supreme Court, and there is no word yet when they might decide on whether or not the Court will hear the appeal. In July, MUCC filed an Amicus Curiae (“Friend of the Court”) brief with the Supreme Court in an attempt to give the Justices a broader perspective on how shooting ranges and clubs across the state could be affected by this decision. We should be one of the first to know the outcome and MUCC will keep you updated.
For those that want to help out, it is not too late to sign the online petition! MUCC has received interest from various legislators on this issue and the petition helps to show how much support is out there across the state for shooting ranges and shooting sports in general!
Click here and sign on today!

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