Shooting Range Case Hearing Postponed

The case to decide whether an Oakland County shooting range has protection under Michigan’s Sport Shooting Ranges Act (SSRA) will have to wait another month.
The case, Township of Addison v. Barnhart, stems from a dispute over whether an individual’s private range qualified for protection under the SSRA. In deciding that the owner should not receive protections, the court wrote a decision that was so broad and took the act so out of context that it could spell trouble for shooting ranges across the state.
The oral argument in front of the Michigan Supreme Court, which had been slated for March 7th, was postponed due to a medical situation for the township's attorney in the case. The latest word is that the hearing will be taken up on the Supreme Court’s docket on either April 10th or 11th.
MUCC will continue to track developments and report back to you.

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