Senate Takes Aim at Firearms Regulations

SB 59
A comprehensive and landmark CPL reform bill, sponsored by Senator Mike Green (R-Mayville), passed the Senate Natural Resources committee on March 22nd.  The bill would do the following measures:
  •  Eliminate county concealed weapon licensing boards and transfer those duties and functions to county sheriffs;
  • Set a consistent timeline of 45 days for processing initial and renewal CPL applications;
  • Require the CPL applicant to appear in front of a licensing authority only if the authority has reason to believe the applicant might not qualify for the license;
  • Require the county to partially refund the application fee for an individual whose license was not processed within the mandated timeline;
  • Each county would establish a CPL fund for the purposes of administering the law;
  • Require immediate reinstatement of a suspended CPL when the suspension expires, and would allow for a maximum fee of $10 for the reinstatement of the license;
  • Require the county clerk to notify a licensee before his or her CPL has expired;
  • Allow a CPL applicant or licensee to seek an exemption for no-carry zones based on additional hours of training, rounds fired, and class time;
  • Would require a beefed up training and safety program that requires at least 8 hours of instruction, and firing at least 98 rounds on a firing range with instruction.
The only opposition came in the form of concerns from some sheriffs and county clerks about funding and staff time required. Sen. Green has said they will work to address those concerns. The bill now moves on to the Senate floor.
To get more on SB 59 and to read an analysis , click here.
SB 984
Recently, Senate Bill 984 was introduced by Senator Tom Casperson (R-Escanaba) and would allow for Michigan residents to purchase long-guns from any state in the nation as long as that state follows current federal firearms laws.
Under the original Gun Control Act, a ban was put in place on the interstate sale of firearms. Under an exemption, Michigan residents, currently, can only purchase long-guns from federally licensed dealers (FFLs) in contiguous states.
This bill would get rid of the requirement that the purchasing state be contiguous, and would free Michigan residents to purchase rifles and shotguns in any state as long as the state follows federal firearm laws.
The bill could also be a potential boost for Michigan firearm retailers as it would allow out-of-state guests to purchase rifles and shotguns in Michigan.
Senate Bill 984 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Outdoor Recreation and Tourism.

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