Senate Bill 68: Bill to Allow 50" ORVs on ATV Trails

Summary:  Senate Bill 68 would change the wording to allow for an ATV with 4 or more wheels, rather than limiting vehicles on trails to 4 wheels. It would also change the definition of a “Forest Trail”, defining it as a designated path that is not a route. This would remove the definition that limited ATV’s on the trails to vehicles under 50 inches in width.  The rest of the bill remains the same, save some small wording clarifications. The new definitions are meant to make it easier for more people to be able to access Michigan’s impressive trail system and Michigan’s out-of-doors.

Current Status: SB 68 has passed both the House and Senate and is now headed to the Governor’s desk.
Analysis: This change in ATV definition was first explored by Polaris Industries. Polaris Representatives contacted MUCC and other stakeholders in Michigan about the need to update the ATV definition and establish a new definition for recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs).  MUCC has supported this idea from the beginning.
Senate Bill No. 68 would modernize Michigan’s ATV definition and allow manufacturers to respond to consumer demand for innovative vehicles, including side-by-side models, which have become increasingly popular in Michigan.  Senate Bill No. 68 would allow popular 50” side-by-side vehicles to be legally ridden on standard ATV trails, increasing the public’s accessibility to Michigan’s outdoors and allowing hunters and trappers of all abilities to haul their gear in and bring game out of the woods.
MUCC Action: MUCC believes that passage of SB 68 would enhance Michigan’s premier trail system and increase accessibility to the outdoors for everyone, and we support this proposed bill.
Sponsor: Senator Goeff Hansen (R-Hart)

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