Senate Bill 49: Exempt Identities of Registered Gun Owners from FOIA Requests

Summary: SB 49 exempts the identities of legally-registered gun owners from Freedom of Information Act requests.
Analysis: In New York, after the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy, a newspaper reporter obtained the names and home addresses of registered gun owners through a Freedom of Information Act request and published the information in the newspaper, subjecting law-abiding gun owners and their families to harassment from gun control advocates. SB 49 would protect Michigan legally-registered gun owners from a similar fate.
Current Status: Introduced on January 16, 2013, passed out of  Senate Judiciary Committee on January 23, 2013
Sponsor: Sen. Thomas Casperson (R – Escanaba)
MUCC Action: Submitted written testimony in support of SB 49 during Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. >Click here to read MUCC's testimony
MUCC Policy Resolution: AC650675: Support right to keep and bear arms.

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