SCI-Novi, Riley Foundation Sponsoring 80 to MUCC Youth Camp

by Shaun McKeon, MUCC Youth Camp Coordinator
The Michigan OutofDoors Youth Camp has been in operation since the 1940s and has been a place where kids can come and learn about the outdoor world around them as well as the sports of hunting, fishing, and trapping.  Over the years more than 55,000 kids have come through our camps and have learned to enjoy the outdoors safely and have left camp with a deeper appreciation and respect for the natural world.  Many of these campers were and still are sponsored by our members around the state and clubs from all across Michigan send kids to our camp for a one of a kind summer experience.
Over the years, the Novi chapter of Safari Club International has really stepped to the plate for outdoor education. This year, in cooperation with George F. Riley and the Riley Foundation, it will be sending 80 kids to the camp.  Through a program called the Riley Wilderness Youth Camp the funding for 80 youth to attend camp is being provided by the foundation.  In accordance with SCI-Novi’s mission to promote acceptance and understanding of hunting as a tool for wildlife conservation through education, these youth will have the opportunity to become more engaged in the world they live in.
The youth are provided a full scholarship to attend one of two sessions of camp, depending on age and interest.  The Riley Jr. Camp is for boys and girls ages 9-11 and focuses on a sampling of outdoor activities, ranging from archery, and canoeing to fishing and hunter safety class.  The other camp option is the Riley Advanced Camp for boys and girls age 12-14. This camp is focused on the skills and techniques of big game hunting as well wildlife conservation.  Youth in the advanced camp will also have the opportunity to become hunter safety certified and will spend time shooting skeet during their week at camp.
These scholarships are available to youth who are interested in connecting and learning more about the outdoors and all are encouraged to apply.  The candidates who most qualify for the award will meet the following criteria:  1. Youth with limited outdoor experience, 2. Lack of a mentor to help them get started and learn about the outdoors, 3. Not yet having earned a Michigan Hunter Safety Certificate, and 4. Lack of family financial resources to attend a camp like program.
Please visit for an application and more information on the camp can be found at
A big thank you to  SCI-Novi, the Riley Foundation, and all of our clubs who sponsor campers, help maintain our facilities, volunteer their time and skills at camp, and believe in protecting our heritage for future generations to come.

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