Ronald Reagan and National Catfish Day

What does the 40th President of the United States have to do with a fish with whiskers??                         

catfish  Twenty-seven years ago today, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed it to be National Catfish Day. While in 1987 the day was to celebrate the importance of farm-raised catfish in our country, I think today we can celebrate the great wild catfish fishing we have in Michigan. We have two species of catfish that are commonly found throughout the state. Channel catfish are the most popular catfish in the state and can be found in both lakes and streams. The larger flathead catfish, sometimes called yellow catfish, stick to deep slower pools in large rivers. Earlier this year the new state record flathead catfish was caught in Barron Lake in Cass County, it weighed in at 52 pounds. But it’s been a while since the last state record channel cats were caught in the 60s. Both weighed 40 pounds each and were out of Houghton Lake. It definitely seems time for a record breaking channel catfish to be pulled in and National Catfish Day is the perfect day to go fishing and try your luck. How close have you come to holding a record cat? 

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