Resolution on Portable Ground Blinds on Public Land Gains Momentum

Today, the Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) Accessibility Advisory Council (AAC) voted to recommend a major change to the rules governing portable ground blinds on public lands. This recommendation goes to the DNR who, if they decide to move forward, would prepare an order to be discussed at the Natural Resources Commission meeting this winter or spring.
Currently, portable ground blinds must be removed at the end of each day's hunt on public lands, while raised platforms and tree stands can be placed anytime after September 1 and left until March 1.
Daily removal of ground blinds can be cumbersome, especially for older hunters and hunters with disabilities. MUCC recently adopted a resolution from MUCC Region III Vice President Jack VanRhee and Hamilton Rod and Gun Club at the 2012 Annual Convention calling for a change in the rules for portable ground blinds, allowing them to stay on public land through the hunting season, similar to tree stands. This also further simplifies the complexity of regulations for different types of hunting (ground/elevated) and among the regions of Michigan, which is a stated goal of MUCC (per another resolution in 2011) as well as the Natural Resources Commission.
The AAC endorsed this concept unanimously as a benefit to hunters of all abilities.
We will keep you apprised when this comes to the NRC agenda and hope you will join us in supporting this common sense regulation reform.

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