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November 21st, 2011

To quote Da Yoopers, “It’s the second week of deer camp and all the guys are here…” From my blind, I’m only seeing ladies…does that is, and only out of range or after shooting hours. Sigh.

Here’s more reports from the field, direct from DNR biologists at check stations around the state (check out the tab “Field Reports” around the middle of the page):

Do you agree? Disagree? What are you seeing out there?

  • Edward Ruchala

    Landowners around the National forest {H.M.N.F.} in and around Cadillac are flipping out over some “Quiet Zone” that could affect their private property.
    How can this Novi lawyer do anything to them? His lawsuit for a portion of the Forest to be left birders and hikers cannot possibly have any bearing on Private Property. Can it?
    I for one would not mess with any of those people…

    • Amy Trotter

      Ed–this lawsuit would not affect private property landowners or their activities on THEIR land. Which is why even if he wins, the forest will not be perfectly quiet no matter what. However, many of them bought/kept this land over the years because of the easy access to the forest as well. Here’s the blog I did on the sound issue:

  • Jack lehto

    My 98 year old father got his buck again this year. He may be the oldest successfull hunter in Michigan.

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