Range Improvement Award Offered to Club that Collects Most Signatures

MUCC is part of the biggest fight against anti-hunters since Proposal G, and we need your club’s help to win it! We’re part of the Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management, which has introduced a citizen-initiated law to protect hunting and fishing rights, help stop Asian carp, and provide free licenses for active military members.
To win, we need to collect over 258,000 valid signatures by May to put the law before the Legislature. And if each member of your club and every other MUCC-affiliated club collects just 10 signatures, then we can do it. As an added incentive, the Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management will award $2500 for range improvements to the club that submits the most signatures by Friday, February 28, 2014.
Please contact Drew YoungeDyke at dyoungedyke@mucc.org to arrange delivery or pick-up of petitions for your club members to sign and circulate and visit www.citizenswildlife.org for more about the initiative.
When MUCC was first formed in 1937, Harry Gaines of the Kent County Conservation League called together a meeting of clubs throughout the state by writing that we need “a set-up to function on any emergency for your protection and ours, NON-partisan, but ready to fight.”
There is no greater emergency in Michigan’s out-of-doors than what we face right now from radical animal rights groups like the Humane Society of the United States. MUCC is ready to fight, and we need your club to fight with us!

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