Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation = R3

For at least the last 10 years but probably many more, Michigan’s sportsmen’s community has been talking and rallying around the importance of recruitment and retention of hunters, anglers, and trappers and recreational shooters. It was one of 5 founding objectives of the Conservation Coalition. Michigan's agencies and organizations have had concerted efforts at work groups, pursued significant policy changes in the apprentice and mentored youth licenses, looked at providing more accessible lands and accommodations for all ages and abilities, discussed license discounts, and developed some really great programs over the years.

Nationally, there has been a parallel discussion which has recently resulted in drafting a comprehensive National R3 Plan.

The National Hunting & Shooting Action Plan; Fall 2016

In Michigan, we held an R3 Summit in August 2016 to learn more about the Outdoor Recreation Adoption Model and see how to implement an R3 approach in our state.

To begin, we conducted an inventory of all the R3 programs that Michigan DNR and non-governmental organizations have conducted in the last year. We will continue to accept submissions as we move forward with developing a Michigan-specific implementation plan.

Keynote speaker, Matt Dunfee from the Wildlife Management Institute, gave a presentation and facilitated an active discussion on the national status of R3 efforts, the Outdoor Recreation Adoption Model, R3 Desired Outcomes, using the Adoption Model to Map R3 Efforts and Gaps and Opportunities in Michigan.

Michigan DNR’s Marketing and Outreach Division Chief Kristen Phillips provided an overview of Michigan’s License Sales and Trends.

MUCC’s Deputy Director Amy Trotter provided the results from an R3 Program Inventory that was conducted among MUCC and Conservation Coalition member groups on R3 programming efforts in 2015 and 2016 among non-government organizations.

Jordan Burroughs from Michigan State University followed with the results of the R3 Program Inventory she facilitated within the Michigan DNR programs.


A video recording of the day is available upon request. We will work towards producing small clips and posting them here to use for educational purposes.