Quick Summary of Michigan Proposals 1 and 2

Proposals 1 and 2: A summary of the props as well as the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, compiled by the nonpartisan Citizens Research Council.

Proposition 1 and 2 Michigan Proposals 1 and 2
Among the unbiased findings, here are some key points:
  • "Regardless of the outcomes of the two votes on Proposals 1 and 2, wolf hunting will be allowed beginning with the 2015 hunting season... The adoption of the (Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act) has limited the effect of the two referenda votes to the 2014 wolf hunting season."
  • "As a result of the (Endangered Species) listing, the wolf population grew and since 2001 has exceeded recovery goals in Michigan..."
  • "In Michigan, hunters were only allowed to hunt in the three Wolf Management Units (WMU) in the U.P. established by the Department of Natural Resources. These regions are where wolves have been deemed problematic for the residents because they have killed livestock and domesticated animals." 
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So, basically, the independent Citizens Research Council verified the facts which debunk the HSUS's claims that the referenda are not moot, that the wolf population is "fragile," or that the hunt is a "trophy" hunt. Vote YES on Proposals 1 and 2!

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