Public Education Fund will Help Educate Non-Hunting Public

Just before the holiday season, Governor Rick Snyder signed his name to a critical bill designed to positively impact public opinion on hunting, fishing and trapping in this state.
HB 4993 (Rep. Jon Bumstead) creates a statewide council, called the Michigan Wildlife Council, that is charged with hiring a marketing firm and directing funds for the creation and implementation of a targeted multi-media marketing campaign.
The money for the campaign is already there, part of the hunting and fishing license package that was passed and signed into law this fall provides for a $1 surcharge on every fishing or base hunting license to go specifically towards public education, marketing, and outreach. HB 4993 allows that money to be spent by educating the general non-hunting, non-fishing public on the importance of our outdoor heritage for the future of wildlife and fisheries conservation.
This is a major win for our outdoor heritage, and a win against anti-hunting interests in our state.
This legislation was pushed for by The Nimrod Society, who modeled Michigan's law after a similar surcharge and public fund they worked to develop in Colorado. These creative ads from Colorado have helped the public understand that sportsmen and women pay for the conservation of natural resources and since instituted, there have not been any major anti-hunting/trapping ballot initiatives.

Hug A Hunter (Colorado)


Hug An Angler (Colorado)


We thank Rep. Bumstead for being a champion for Michigan sportsmen and women, and thank Governor Snyder for his signature! We hope that he will move swiftly to appoint the Michigan Wildlife Council so they can begin their work to educate the public on the value that hunting, fishing, and trapping bring to Michigan.

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