Please support SB 878: Millionaire Party Regulations

For the second time in as many weeks the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) canceled a scheduled hearing on the Michigan Gaming Control Board’s (MGCB) proposed rules that would tighten regulations on millionaire parties.

This morning the JCAR hearing on millionaire party rules was canceled due to a lack of votes for the proposed rules. This is good news for MUCC members who use poker rooms as a means of fundraising for their club. These rules would have been disastrous for many Michigan organizations that use millionaire parties as a source for fundraising.

Despite the lack of support for the MGCB’s proposed rules, we still need your help to ensure a more favorable set of rules is passed. Last week Senator Rick Jones introduced SB 878 that seeks to reign in the corruption, while still giving organizations the flexibility to raise money at poker rooms. Senator Jones has worked closely with the Michigan Charitable Gaming Association and other organizations to ensure that our concerns are addressed.

SB 878 would:
  • License location owners who service charities;
  • allow up to 3 charities a day to operate at one location;
  • allow poker rooms to be open 7 days a week, and;
  • provide that only two charity members be on site during an event.

We believe SB 878 will help cut down on the corruption that has been found in some areas while still allowing honest organizations the ability to raise funds. This bill is scheduled for a hearing tomorrow, Thursday March 27th at 1:00pm in front of the Senate Regulatory Reform Committee. We are urging you to contact your Legislators and ask them to please support SB 878!

This bill helps to combat corruption by giving the MGCB more regulatory power over the industry: all the while establishing a clear set of rules that won’t devastate your organizations ability to raise money.

Details for the hearing can be found here: Senate Regulatory Reform Committee

Details on how to find your Legislator can be found here: Find my Legislator

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