NRC Seeks Applications for Youth Advisory Council

In addition to hunting, fishing or trapping, the well-rounded outdoorsman or outdoorswoman is also a conservationist. As we encourage young people to get off the couch, away from the computer and into the woods, it’s important for them to learn how conservation affects their outdoor pursuits. That’s why we’re encouraged to see that the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) is accepting applications for its Youth Advisory Council.
The NRC Youth Advisory Council – also called the Youth Conservation Council – is accepting applications for youth ages 14 to 18 until January 18, 2013. The council will meet four times a year and discuss ways to promote and protect Michigan’s outdoor recreation opportunities for both consumptive uses like hunting and fishing and non-consumptive uses like hiking and kayaking.
“We’re losing a generation of kids who are growing up with few, if any, experiences in the outdoors,” said Ray Rustem, DNR coordinator for the program. “If these are the people we hope will carry on Michigan’s strong tradition of natural resources conservation, the best way to help them forge a connection to the outdoors is to engage kids in conversation. Let’s hear what they think. What are the right ways to make the outdoors an accessible, meaningful part of their lifestyle?”
The Youth Conservation Council was created by NRC resolution earlier this year under the leadership of Tim Nichols, who recently stepped down as NRC chairman. The Youth Conservation Council complements the Mentored Youth Hunting Program, so that as youth take to the woods to hunt, fish and trap, they also understand and offer input into how to get more youth outdoors and protect the resources that allow their pursuits.
In addition to looking great on a college application, it will be a valuable introduction to public policy for the next generation of conservation champions in Michigan. Applications are available by clicking here.

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