NRC honors MUCC with Partners in Conservation Award

The Natural Resources Commission (NRC) presented Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) with a Partners in Conservation Award at its regular monthly meeting Thursday, June 14, in Lansing. The award honored our 75th anniversary.
Department of Natural Resources Director Rodney Stokes recited a litany of contributions MUCC has made to the cause of conservation, including involvement in summer youth camps; the creation of the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund; the success of Michigan’s landmark “Bottle Bill;” and 1996 campaigns to pass Proposal G – affirming the NRC's authority to make hunting regulations – and defeat an anti-bear hunting initiative. Most recently, MUCC played a key role in securing the passage of the Hunter Heritage bills, which eliminated the minimum hunting age and created a Mentored Youth Hunting program.
MUCC's Founding Father Harry Gaines once said, "Government is the business of every citizen and the combined voice of many people is the most effective means of influencing government."
All of this 75 years worth of conservation success and credit is shared deservedly with our 42,000 members, 250 affiliated clubs, and many more conservation partners across the state and across the country who have stood by us in fight after fight.
"Over the past 75 years, MUCC has had a long history of partnership with the Department of Natural Resources," said MUCC Executive Director Erin McDonough, "and in our minds its the best kind of partnership.  Its one where we have often agreed on issues, often disagreed, but in the end we both understand that the most important thing is improving conservation in Michigan."
Partners in Conservation Awards are presented to organizations or individuals who have been nominated by DNR staff members for their outstanding contributions to natural resources causes in Michigan.

A photo of DNR Director Rodney Stokes (fourth from right) and NRC Chair Tim Nichols (second from right) presenting the NRC’s Partners in Conservation Award to representatives of Michigan United Conservation Clubs.
Shown (left to right) are: Bill Krepps, past president, MUCC; Dawn Levey, statewide vice president, MUCC; Jim DeClerck, board member, MUCC; Erin McDonough, executive director, MUCC; DNR Director Stokes; Paul Rose, president, MUCC; NRC Chair Nichols; and Paul Farrell, statewide vice president, MUCC.

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