New ORV Sticker Will Enhance Access to Michigan Outdoors

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During last year’s budget discussions regarding the hunting and fishing license package, another license was also changed that has somewhat flown under the radar. For hunters, trappers, and anglers that use an ORV to access their favorite spot or enjoy a ride through the woods from time to time, including ice fishermen on frozen bodies of water, take note!
As of April 1st of 2014 the DNR has enacted a brand new off road vehicle (ORV) licensing system that will help generate greater revenue to in turn bolster natural resources and outdoor trails. One of Governor Snyder’s goals is to transform Michigan to be the number one trail state. From the predicted $2.7 million dollars in revenue from the new ORV license fees, the DNR plans to acquire new trail miles and maintain quality existing trails, among other goals.
The new license fee structure for ORV riding entails two possible license purchases: The ORV license ($26.25) and the ORV trail permit ($10). The ORV license is required first before you can receive an ORV trail permit, but you can wait to purchase the $10 trail permit until later if you so choose. Here is how the two licenses breakdown.
The ORV license ($26.25) is required on any land other than private property which includes:
  • Eligible county roads
  • State forest roads in the Upper Peninsula
  • Eligible national forest roads
  • Frozen surface of public water
The ORV trail permit ($10) is required on:
  • Designated and signed ORV trails, routes, and scramble areas
  • Refer to the ORV/ATM trails for trail listings and maps
It is also important to note that off-road motorcycles with a street license plate that plan on riding ORV trails are required to have both the ORV license and ORV trail permit.
MUCC believes this change was consistent with our policies to maintain and enhance motorized access on public lands, as well as address and restore areas that have been damaged by illegal ORV use and provide enhanced law enforcement. For more information on how these funds will be used, please visit the DNR Website.

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