New Hook and Line Restrictions for Clinton River Spillway

Under the new authority granted to the Natural Resource Commission through Public Act 21 of 2013 (SB 288) to oversee fisheries regulations, the NRC is poised to approve amendments on September 12 to Fisheries Order 226.14, which outlines Hook and Line Restrictions during Walleye Spawning Runs.
The order contains gear restrictions established to protect spawning populations of walleye in locations where artificial lures have been used to unlawfully foul hook (snag) fish. A large amount of illegal fishing activity has been observed in the Clinton River cut-off channel, so in 2012 MUCC delegates approved a policy resolution to enact new regulations for this area, similar to those in Saginaw River. Current regulations have been effective in the Saginaw River and are designed to protect the walleye, as well as Northern pike and muskellunge populations while still allowing anglers to legally fish for perch and pan fish in the areas.
During the period from March 16th through the Friday before the last Saturday in April the following regulations will be in place.
  1. No fishing with artificial baits or minnows (Minnows allowed on the Saginaw River and some designated streams)
  2. Other  natural baits can be used, but only on single pointed hooks not more than ½ inch between the point and shank
  3. Weights may not be rigidly attached to hooks
  4. No hook can be attached to the line between any weight and the rod except on an unweighted dropper line at least 3 inches long
  5. No beads, spinners or reflectors may be attached to the line within 6 inches of any hook
For these locations:
  • Bay County- Saginaw river and tributaries, as well as the Kawkawlin River downstream from Euclid Avenue (minnows can be used on Saginaw River and the Kawkawlin River)
  • Saginaw County- Saginaw, Tittabawasse, Shiawassee, Bad, Cass, and Flint rivers and their tributaries (minnows may be used on the Saginaw River, Swan Creek and tributaries, Bad River and tributaries upstream from the confluence of Pickerel Creek)
  • NEW: Macomb County- Clinton River cut-off channel from spillway weir to Harper Road Bridge
  • Midland County- Tittabawasse River downstream from Sanford Dam and Salt Chippewa, and Pine Rivers and all respective tributaries
  • Genesee County- Flint River downstream from Holloway Dam and all respective tributaries (minnows may be used upstream of Hamilton street damn in Flint and all respective tributaries)
This would take effect on April 1st, 2014

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