Mystery Ship lands in Muskegon Lake

Muskegon Lake got quite the surprise with a 230 ft. luxury yacht anchored in the middle of the lake! Dubbed “Freedom”, the ship is over one hundred feet longer than the Lake Express ferry that shuffles people and cars from Muskegon to Milwaukee. The host is unknown but take a guess anyway! Here’s the news video.

MUSKEGON, Mich. (WZZM) -- Around Muskegon, people are talking about 'Freedom' but not because it's almost the Fourth of July.
Freedom is the name of a super-yacht anchored on Muskegon Lake. The 230 foot luxury yacht pulled in Thursday and is anchored in the middle of the lake, near the Muskegon Yacht Club and Muskegon Lake channel.
Freedom is larger than the 192-foot Lake Express ferry. It's believed to be traveling north from Chicago; earlier this week the ship was anchored off Saugatuck.
Muskegon resident Laura Kies says it's impressive even from shore. "I have never seen one that high. I was in Florida and did see Judge Judy's and her yacht is called the 'Splendid Lady,' but it is long and not that high. This is neat with the helicopter pad and everything on it."
The company that owns the ship says Freedom is available for charter. It's not clear who is on board now, but some locals wonder if Oprah is taking a tour of West Michigan.

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