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MUCC’s Board of Directors Election Results

July 17th, 2013

Each year at MUCC’s Annual Convention in June, elections are held for the top spots on the MUCC Board of Directors. Additional spots on the Board are filled through elections at the MUCC District level.

2013-2014 MUCC Board of Directors

Dawn Levey, President

Bob Borchak, Statewide Vice President

George Lindquist, Statewide Vice President

Jack VanRhee, Statewide Vice President

Fran Yeager, Treasurer

Cliff Waters, Region I (Upper Peninsula) Vice President

Jane Finnerty, Region II (Northern Lower Peninsula) Vice President

Paul Earl, Region III (Southwest Lower Peninsula) Vice President

Jim Pryce, Region IV (Southeast Lower Peninsula) Vice President

Directors At Large: Tim Kobasic, Bruce Finnerty, Marlin Bussey, Rob Miller, Bruce Levey, Furmer Redd, Kevin Eldred and Mike Doyle

  • Michael Kensinger

    Congratulations one and all!

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