MUCC Wildlife Habitat Events & Extras

The first month of the year has flown by already with February just a few days away. This weekend I will be sending January off with a hinge cutting event for snowshoe hare habitat in the Grayling State Forest and welcoming a month filled with several attributes of conservation. A few opportunities coming up this month include obtaining my Hunter Education Instructor Certification, attending the Michigan Association of Consulting Foresters Conference, completing a rabbitat event, presenting at a conservation district expo and attending Outdoorama! Getting to experience and understand the importance each of these roles plays in conservation is a great benefit to my own personal role with MUCC as the Wildlife Volunteer Coordinator.

Next week I will be attending a Hunter Safety Education course hosted by Furmer Reed at the Dowagiac Conservation Club. Furmer has agreed to mentor me during his course so that I can obtain my certification and start teaching Hunter Safety Education Courses as well. I am really excited about this opportunity to welcome new hunters and utilize this connection through the Wildlife Habitat Program. So keep an eye out for updates on this process soon; I hope to begin hosting Hunter Safety Education courses as soon as possible.

Mid-February I will be traveling to NW Michigan to attend the 2016 Michigan Association of Consulting Foresters Conference. There will be many speakers there to present about various topics related to forestry in Michigan. Opportunities such as this are great for me to keep up with current events such as disease concerns in habitat project areas and also for outreach to new groups of volunteers. I will also get to present MUCC’s Wildlife Habitat Program at the Branch County Conservation District Expo on February 27th.


On Saturday, February 20th I will be teaming up with the Midland-Dow High School Conservation Club for a rabbitat project at the Gratiot-Saginaw State Game Area. This will be the third year in a row that this group has volunteered with us building brush piles in the area. The project location is to be determined but you can still RSVP and see other event details here! I’m looking forward to getting into the full swing of habitat season here and I hope you’ll join me at a project in your area; see a list of habitat events here


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  • commented 2016-01-27 16:08:34 -0500
    Yay. Love those Rabbitat for Haremanity projects! ;) as I like to call them. Definitely some great events coming up that everyone should volunteer for!!! I’m sad to say I can’t attend this weekends event myself, due to work! :( It bums me out, but I will be back to help soon!!! :P