MUCC Statement on NRC Wolf Designation and Hunting Season

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MUCC Statement on NRC Action Regarding Wolf Management

LANSING—Today the Michigan Natural Resources Commission re-designated wolves and all other existing game species under its authorization to do so under Public Act 21 of 2013, signed by Gov. Snyder on May 8. The Commission also re-authorized a limited wolf hunt for this fall under the new game designation. Following is comment from MUCC Executive Director Erin McDonough:
"Today the NRC finally brought full implementation of Proposal G to the residents of Michigan. In 1996, those residents overwhelmingly supported Proposal G and its mandate to use sound science to manage our wildlife resources," said McDonough. "By designating wolves a game species and implementing a conservative and appropriate hunting season, the NRC has fulfilled its legal obligation and duty to those Michigan residents who supported science-based wildlife management."
"The story of Michigan's thriving wolf population is a conservation success story and conservation is about the wise, sustainable use of our natural resources through science-based management practices," McDonough said. "Conservation and science-based wildlife management is not about which out-of-state lobby makes the most noise or spends the most money. It's not about attempting to buy your way onto the ballot and it's certainly not about trying to force others into thinking your way by repeatedly asking for vote after vote after vote, hoping that eventually the votes will fall your way. Michigan is a representative democracy. In 1996, a vote of the people showed overwhelming support for Proposal G. And just a few weeks ago, that support was again shown when Public Act 21 was passed with bi-partisan support and votes cast by legislators representing more than 6 million Michigan residents."
"We were disappointed to see trapping removed as an option during this fall's limited hunt but look forward to working with the DNR and NRC to introduce this ethical and viable management tool in the future," said McDonough.  "We look forward to a successful hunt in November." ###

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