MUCC's 2012 Approved Policy Resolutions


June 22-23, 2011

Lansing Center, Lansing, MI


2012 PASSED RESOLUTIONS (Summaries below; full text and failed resolutions available for download here)


AC060612: NIGHT COYOTE HUNTING— A resolution requesting that MUCC work with the DNR and NRC to change the Wildlife Conservation Code to include coyotes as a species that can be hunted after dark with hounds within the specified hunting season (July 8th –April 15th).

 AC070612: HOOK AND LINE RESTRICTIONS DURING WALLEYE SPAWNING RUNS ON THE CLINTON RIVER SPILLWAY AND WEIR — A resolution requesting that MUCC support the DNR and NRC in issuing hook and line restrictions for the Macomb County Clinton River Spillway and Weir.
AC080612: RESOLUTION TO MODIFY THE RULES FOR PORTABLE GROUND BLINDS ON PUBLIC LANDS — A resolution requesting that MUCC work with the DNR and the NRC to modify the rules for Portable Ground Blinds so that they are the same as those for tree stands and ladder stands.
AC090612: MICHIGAN SUPREME SPORTSPERSON LICENSE — A resolution requesting that MUCC work with the DNR to develop a supreme sportsperson license that would include combo deer, small game, fur bearer, all species fish; and the application to all special hunts.
AC100612: MUTE SWAN OVERPOPULATION — A resolution requesting that MUCC support the MDNR goal to limit the Michigan population of mute swans and that MUCC work with the MDNR, the USDA, and the USFWS to achieve that goal.
AC110612: BRING MICHIGAN NATIONAL FORESTS INTO COMPLIANCE WITH THE MANAGEMENT PLAN— A resolution requesting that MUCC staff contact and meet with State and Federal legislators, and officials of the U.S. Forest Service to present sportsmen’s interests in bringing actual timber harvests on National Forests in line with the management plans allowable harvests.
AC120612: RESOLUTION OF RECOGNITION — A resolution requesting that the delegates at MUCC’s 75th Anniversary convention give a heartfelt “Thank You” to all past Presidents of MUCC and declare that beginning with the 2012 convention, the first day of every annual meeting from hereon be known as “MUCC Past Presidents Day”.
AC130612: BAIT BARRELS ON PUBLIC LAND— A resolution requesting that MUCC actively oppose any Legislation or Commission Order that would legalize the use of tethered, large volume, bait containers on public land.
AC140612: NUISANCE RACCOON AT NIGHT WITH A LIGHT — A resolution requesting that MUCC advocate to legalize the use of light at night during the closed training season (April 15 to July 8) while using dogs to control nuisance raccoon on private property.
AC160612: REFORM OF HUNTING, TRAPPING, FISHING RESTRICTIONS ON COMMERCIAL FOREST ACT (CFA) LANDS— A resolution requesting that MUCC:  1) work with the DNR and the Michigan Legislature as required to rewrite appropriate sections of CFA policy to ease restrictions on access and use of land held under the act; 2) work with the DNR, NRC, and Michigan Legislature to allow appropriate public use and access to CFA lands as the property safely allows for the purpose of hunting, trapping, and fishing based on management practices and laws currently in place by the Michigan DNR; and 3) work to educate users of CFA lands and public lands on the respectful use of these lands to minimize damage to the resource and preserve future access.
AC170612: SUSTAINING OUR YOUNG FORESTS — A resolution requesting that MUCC strongly support forest planning and management efforts that promote a healthy mix of old and new growth in our forests, including the preservation and creation of meadows and forest openings within lowlands and riparian zones as well as uplands.
AC180612: EHD AND OTHER EMERGING WILDLIFE DISEASE PREVENTION — A resolution requesting that MUCC work with and urge the MDNR to actively and aggressively investigate these die offs and pursue a solution to this and other emerging diseases.
AC190612: RECOGNITION AND PROTECTION OF PITTMAN ROBERTSON AND DINGELL-JOHNSON FUNDING FOR WILDLIFE & FISHERIES CONSERVATION— A resolution requesting that MUCC recognize and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife  Restoration Act ; work to preserve, enhance, and educate about the Federal Aid in Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program’s lead role in driving wildlife and fisheries conservation in Michigan and the rest of the country; work with the DNR and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to make the program and the  projects it funds as open and transparent as possible for the public; and oppose any attempts to divert funds or make harmful changes to the Pittman-Robertson and Dingell-Johnson Acts or the Federal Aid in Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program.

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