MUCC Interview with State Representative Andrea LaFontaine

When Representative Andrea LaFontaine (R – Columbus Twp.) volunteered to improve hunter access and waterfowl habitat at Harsen’s Island with us on Saturday, she was clearly more interested in running a line-trimmer and being treated as just another volunteer than as chairwoman of the House Committee on Natural Resources. That’s why we appreciate her granting us a short interview about her current town hall tour across Michigan to discuss the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. Here’s what she had to say.
Michigan United Conservation Clubs asked:
Could you tell us why you came out here (to Harsen’s Island) today?
Rep. LaFontaine: I came here today to help volunteer, to help restore and improve wildlife habitat.
You’re taking a short break here from a very busy schedule. Please tell us what you’re doing this summer.
Rep. LaFontaine: We’re doing a road show to bring more awareness to the Natural Resources Trust Fund and to possibly examine whether or not the formula needs to be adjusted, or does it need to be adjusted at all. Really we’re highlighting Natural Resources Trust Fund projects throughout communities, throughout the entire state. We’re going to be in the U.P. next week and I’m really excited for it.
And what have you been hearing from folks at these town halls so far?
Rep. LaFontaine: Everybody at the town halls pretty much in consensus agrees that the Natural Resources Trust Fund is amazing. Somebody called it our ‘national treasure,’ the other day, for the State of Michigan, so that was pretty exciting. But, the overall feeling is that the formula may need to be adjusted or it might need to be uncapped, but we really want to make sure that those resources, that are coming from a non-renewable resource, stay into legacy projects throughout the State of Michigan. 
We thank Rep. LaFontaine for taking the time to volunteer and talk with us on Saturday. For a schedule of her town hall tour stops in the Upper Peninsula this week, click here.

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