MUCC Hosts Media Event on Deer Hunting Season

On November 15, Michigan will once again celebrate one of the nation's greatest outdoors traditions when the firearms deer season begins. More than 700,000 Michigan residents are expected to participate in the fall deer hunting seasons, ranking Michigan well within the Top 3 nationally for licensed deer hunters.
But there is much more to the annual hunting seasons than time-honored outdoors traditions. Michigan's hunting seasons are an economic boon for the state.
In an effort to help members of the media coordinate their coverage efforts of this year's fall hunting seasons, Michigan United Conservation Clubs hosted a special outdoors-focused media event on Tuesday, Nov. 8. The event featured prominent guests (see list below) from Michigan's conservation and natural resources community and provided attending media members the opportunity to conduct interviews, ask questions, attain sound bites and video clips for coverage of the upcoming firearms deer season as well as additional stories on the economic impacts of hunting in Michigan.
The event was also streamed live to MUCC’s Facebook page and's Facebook page where MUCC members were able to submit their own questions to the panel as well as hear the questions from attending media.
You can now view the video archive of this media event. If you didn't get your question answered, leave it in the comments below and we will try to get an answer back to you! # # #
  • Rodney Stokes: Director, Michigan Department of Natural Resources
  • Erin McDonough: Executive Director, Michigan United Conservation Clubs
  • Steve Yencich, Executive Director, Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association
  • Russ Mason, DNR Wildlife Division Chief
  • Brent Rudolph, DNR Deer and Elk Program Leader
  • Dean Molnar,  DNR Law Enforcement Division Assistant Chief

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