MUCC-Defeating Anti-Hunters Since 1937

Conserve, Protect, Defend: All in day's work at MUCC
Yesterday was a great day for conservation in Michigan.  Together, we defeated HSUS and their anti-hunting allies and prevented them from hijacking theScreen Shot 2014-08-28 at 3.18.17 PM sound, scientific management, of OUR natural resources.  But our victory yesterday, while gratifying, must be sustained, and we must be ready to defend our gains.  Today, I am announcing the creation of the Resource Defense Fund which will be used to fund our resource advocacy programs.  Our advocacy staff spends every day monitoring legislation, actions by the administration, and maintains relationships with key decision makers so that days like yesterday are the rule, not the exception.
Help us get the Resource Defense Fund off and running by  contributing to our goal of raising $100 for every “Yes” vote that was cast for conservation and $150 for every “No” vote that was cast against hunting .  
Just this morning, Wayne Pacelle, the head of the HSUS announced that they would be pursuing a legal challenge to the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.  This is part of their strategy: to use any tool, any tactic, and any means necessary to take away your hunting rights.  We beat them this time, and we intend to be ready for them next time.  We will be, with your support of the Resource Defense Fund.  Please contribute whatever amount is comfortable.
Donate to the fund at any time by visiting
Let’s show the anti’s that even though today is a new day, we intend to make it a bad one for them.
MUCC-Defeating Anti-Hunters Since 1937  

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